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Each vegetarian capsule provides 50 mg of naturally occurring caffeine and polyphenols. The theanine has been reported to moderate the effects of caffeine on the central nervous system to promote brain function. Overall, our CaffPhenol formula promotes brain energy for alertness and attention, as well as athletic endurance and performance output.

For those who are sensitive to higher amounts of caffeine, this amount is beneficial; at low to moderate doses, caffeine has been shown to target the central nervous system and act as brain support, promoting alertness, attention and reaction time. Our formula is designed with Coffeeberry®, the concentrated, whole-fruit coffee extract from Coffea arabica. Coffeeberry® contains naturally occurring caffeine and polyphenols.

Theanine, an amino acid and component of green tea, promotes normal alpha-wave activity in the brain which helps calm the nervous system for a relaxing effect without drowsiness.

• Offers a blend of caffeine and theanine to provide balanced energy support
• Brain energy for alertness and reaction time
• Promotes athletic endurance and performance