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Hist Reset

Hist Reset

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Histamine comes from foods like meat, spinach and avocados. This formula is for those who experience symptoms of histamine intolerance, occasional G.I. upset, skin sensitivity or flushing. It’s multi-faceted support for nasal and respiratory health as well as healthy histamine metabolism.

This histamine support supplement with NAC includes ingredients such as quercetin and rutin—flavonoids (plant pigments) known to support antioxidant and immune-modulating activity. We also included NAC to help promote immune and lung defense. NAC serves as a free radical scavenger by supporting an important antioxidant in your body called glutathione. Due to its sulfur content, NAC is able to thin and ease mucus, and any trapped particles, from the lungs.

• Multi-faceted support for nasal and respiratory health
• Promotes healthy mast cell stabilization
• Supports healthy histamine metabolism

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