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Men's Pure Pack

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Men's Pure Pack: Essential for men over 40

All the nutrients men over 40 need, in one convenient daily packet. This men's vitamin pack offers our comprehensive Men’s Nutrients, a multivitamin and mineral complex that supports the prostate, heart, energy, stamina and eyes. The packet also includes EPA/DHA fish oil and coenzyme Q10, both supporting cardiovascular health.

You’ll also find pomegranate, red wine concentrate and grape seed for healthy cardiovascular function, along with saw palmetto for a healthy prostate. To promote energy, endurance and stamina, we included the vital combination of astragalus and maca.

• Multivitamin and mineral complex for men (also contains vitamin D & magnesium)
• May enhance cardiovascular, macular and prostate health
• Supports overall energy, endurance and stamina.
• Convenient daily packet